Saturday, July 9, 2011

We arrived yesterday in Vung Tau and finally got to see Nghi (pronounced knee). We were told ahead of time that she is very she and doesn't like strangers but My prayers have been answered and God prepared her because the came right to me and snuggled in. She wouldnt look at me while I was holding her but fell asleep in my arms. The nannies were shocked.

This morning after an interesting Vietnamese style breakfast we headed back to the orphanage. I didn't know how she would react but again she came to me and we were able to take her out the play. She was laughing and smiling and when my mom takes her she is always looking for me, which is a great sign. The director of the orphanage is very pleased with the bonding and tomorrow we should be able to bring her back to the hotel to stay with us. it's as though she was waiting for me.

It is very hot here and I am finding it hard to carrier her in this heat.

Internet is on and off, hope this goes through. I am unable to post pictures until after the G&R ceremony but if anyone with and IPad (Aaron or Evan) can maybe give me some help on how to post pictures on here and I cant seem to attach pictures to my email either.

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  1. Hey Kate we are getting ready to start the parish and I took a moment to read your blog, great news!!! Your all in our prayers