Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No ceremony today, hopefully tomorrow so I can get passport/citizenship started before the weekend, Nghi is very clingy and will not let me put her down. I should have big muscles by the time I get home. Yesterday we took her to a near by hotel where we could take her swimming and for a walk on the beach. It was great to get away and spent somd time at a beautiful resort. She looked so cute in her sunhat and bathing suit.
Had to take Nghi to see the nurse today as she was had an upset stomach. Got some new formula and medicine so hopefully she will feel better. She kept waking up all night. This is a big change for her. Day by day she is getting better although it's still pretty hard to get a smile out of her.. It will come in time.

Hotmail isnt working and no facebook. Tried to wish Melissa a belated birthday but can't send a message. Internet will be better tomorrow in HCMC.

Sorry about the typos typing with a baby asleep on me and watching Vietnamese soaps, lol

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