Monday, July 25, 2011

Amelia got her Canadian and vietnamese passports this morning. We were able to move the flight and will be flying out tomorrow night for the long flight home. I am a little nervous about the flight since Amelia hates to he held while I sit. She doesn't mind if I am walking or standing but as soon as I sit down she becomes restless and cries. It could make for a very long flight. Praying that she will sleep most of the flight. I can't wait to see Derek when we finally get through customs and Jen, Scarlett, and Clay when I get home. Can't wait for Amelia to finally meet her auntie, uncles, and cousin.

Today after getting the passports we went to see the Vietnamese water puppet show. Amelia liked it and actually sat to watch the whole thing on my lap.

I am kinda sad to be leaving. I can't believe it has been 3 weeks that we have been here. Canadian traffic is going to be so boring now, lol. Life it Vietnam was a great experience. The only thing I found hard was that everywhere you go people look and point (and the smells were hard to handle too). The vietnamese are very friendly people, eager to please. The kids are exited to practice their English with us, at the zoo and in the stores kids would ask questions about Amelia and about Canada. People really encourage their kids to learn English. We noticed that it is the men here that pay more attention to babies. Whether it was taxi drivers, door men, or restaurant staff the men always tried to talk to Amelia and made a big deal about her. I was a little disappointed with the food. I was told about how great it is. I never had anything I didn't like but was excited the few times we splurged on North American food. I have had enough of Pho, rice, and noodles and can't wait to have some blueberry pancakes. I don't find it as hot as when we were in Vung Tau and actually I find that it isn't as polluted here as it is at home. Even on the hot days the sky is blue, no grey haze. Almost everyone here wears masks all the time tho, not sure if it is for the pollution or germs due to the population and dirtiness. I hope that one day Amelia will be interested in coming back to experience where she came from.

For someone who hates to travel, I really enjoyed the trip. The first few days with Amelia were really tough but we settled into life here. I am so thankful that God brought Amelia Nghi and I together and that He gave me the strength and patience to travel around the world to get her and that He has made the transition flow smoothly her and for all the support back at home. This has been an amazing blessing. Thank you for all the thoughts and prays, they were appreciated beyond belief!!!

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