Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1 week to go (hopefully)

Went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe last night, it was great to have some North American food and atmosphere for a bit. Amelia seemed to love it too.

Went to the Canadian consulate today to apply for Amelia's Canadian passport. Hoping and praying it will be ready by next Wednesday so we can catch our flight home. Paperwork is all done, now we just wait.

Went to the market today, it was very hot so only got a few things that I wanted and coffee for Johanne :) before heading back to the hotel for lunch, Now it's nap time before an afternoon swim in the pool. Amelia loves the water now she even stands on the edge and jumps in the water so I can catch her. The one thing I am going to miss here is the pool.

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  1. And you really will miss it, it's so warm here right now! BTW, we will be driving by on Aug 13, from picking up the girls back from camp in Peterborough. We thought we could invade for a coffee? And we will provide the coffee;)