Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Morning Vietnam

We are here!!! It's about 5:30 am and I am lying awake listening to the busy horns in the streets. I completely underestimated the heat and it was 11pm once we finally got out of the airport so I haven't even felt the mid afternoon heat yet. Feeling like you're in the shower with your clothes on is a pretty good description! Very hard to breath and very sticky! Loan met us at the airport, she is meeting us this morning to go over plans. It seems that my dossier was not released on Monday like I thought so my paperwork is still in the capital. My dossier has been approved but still needs to be signed and then sent to Vung Tau were the orphanage is to be approved before a giving and receiving ceremony can take place.(still a long process) I am a little disappointed to hear things aren't as far along as I thought. I will be leaving either Friday afternoon or Saturday for Vung Tau to meet Amelia in the orphanage. Apparently she cries whenever strangers come so I will be spending my time at the orphanage waiting for the paperwork and getting to know this little girl so the transition will be as easy as possible for her.
Internet is very slow an d unpredictable and I still can't figure out how to add pictures on here with the IPad. tech support is needed!

Please pray that paperwork moves through quickly and that God would prepare both Amelia Nghi and I for the transition that is about to take place and for the health of my family while we are away. It is very overwhelming but through Him it's possible.

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