Thursday, July 28, 2011


3:00am watching Yo Gabba Gabba with Amelia and already missing Vietnam. It's nice to be home and I loved the welcome at the airport from Derek, Clay, Jen and Scarlett, you guys are amazing. The flight was long but Amelia did excellent. She was a little overwhelmed with all the changes and was starting to have that distant gaze she had when I first got her from the orphanage. This morning she already seems more like herself as we had breakfast and play time at 2:00 am. Finally got to have the pancakes i was craving!! Now to switch our schedule around. It's kinda peaceful at this hour and Amelia seems content to play with all her toys that were waiting for her. She is pretty shy so I am trying not to overwhelm her with too many new faces. Excited for everyone to meet her tho, she is such a sweetheart.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Amelia got her Canadian and vietnamese passports this morning. We were able to move the flight and will be flying out tomorrow night for the long flight home. I am a little nervous about the flight since Amelia hates to he held while I sit. She doesn't mind if I am walking or standing but as soon as I sit down she becomes restless and cries. It could make for a very long flight. Praying that she will sleep most of the flight. I can't wait to see Derek when we finally get through customs and Jen, Scarlett, and Clay when I get home. Can't wait for Amelia to finally meet her auntie, uncles, and cousin.

Today after getting the passports we went to see the Vietnamese water puppet show. Amelia liked it and actually sat to watch the whole thing on my lap.

I am kinda sad to be leaving. I can't believe it has been 3 weeks that we have been here. Canadian traffic is going to be so boring now, lol. Life it Vietnam was a great experience. The only thing I found hard was that everywhere you go people look and point (and the smells were hard to handle too). The vietnamese are very friendly people, eager to please. The kids are exited to practice their English with us, at the zoo and in the stores kids would ask questions about Amelia and about Canada. People really encourage their kids to learn English. We noticed that it is the men here that pay more attention to babies. Whether it was taxi drivers, door men, or restaurant staff the men always tried to talk to Amelia and made a big deal about her. I was a little disappointed with the food. I was told about how great it is. I never had anything I didn't like but was excited the few times we splurged on North American food. I have had enough of Pho, rice, and noodles and can't wait to have some blueberry pancakes. I don't find it as hot as when we were in Vung Tau and actually I find that it isn't as polluted here as it is at home. Even on the hot days the sky is blue, no grey haze. Almost everyone here wears masks all the time tho, not sure if it is for the pollution or germs due to the population and dirtiness. I hope that one day Amelia will be interested in coming back to experience where she came from.

For someone who hates to travel, I really enjoyed the trip. The first few days with Amelia were really tough but we settled into life here. I am so thankful that God brought Amelia Nghi and I together and that He gave me the strength and patience to travel around the world to get her and that He has made the transition flow smoothly her and for all the support back at home. This has been an amazing blessing. Thank you for all the thoughts and prays, they were appreciated beyond belief!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Evan is going to post some more pictures. Pictures of the zoo as well as some older picturers from our first days together in Vung Tau at the orpahanage. Looking at them I realize how much Amelia has changed since we first met her. Her eyes are brighter, she smiles more, and seems much more comfortable with her new mom and grandparents. Today is just a lazy day by the pool, tomorrow we will hear how paperwork to going and when we will be heading home.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

NotHing too exciting here in Vietnam. I am actually kinda getting use to life here. I am going to miss the afternoon swims with Amelia and breakfast everyday. We didn't do too much today. Amelia was up most of the night and really wasn't herself today we we just relaxed in the air conditioned room watching Vietnamese cartoons and the fox and the hound. She enjoyed just playing quietly by herself with her toys and snuggling on the couch. Monday I will find out what is going on with her canadian passport and I am hoping and praying that it will be ready on Tuesday and I can move the flight up to Tuesday night.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

She speaks

Today Amelia said two words, Ma (Vietnamese for mom) and ball. She is learning so much and changing so fast. She is becoming very independent, wanting to do everything by herself.

We went to the Vietnamese quilt store today, after a 20 min taxi ride in the wrong direction we finally made it, Amelia does not like car rides and gets bored very quickly when having to sit still, it should make for a very interesting plane ride home for 20+ hours. We also went to the Siagon zoo. Amelia loved the animals but due to the heat she only lasted about an hour before she got fussy and we returned to the hotel for a swim. She loves the water.

6 more sleeps to go before heading home.

Missing everyone and my comfy bed

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1 week to go (hopefully)

Went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe last night, it was great to have some North American food and atmosphere for a bit. Amelia seemed to love it too.

Went to the Canadian consulate today to apply for Amelia's Canadian passport. Hoping and praying it will be ready by next Wednesday so we can catch our flight home. Paperwork is all done, now we just wait.

Went to the market today, it was very hot so only got a few things that I wanted and coffee for Johanne :) before heading back to the hotel for lunch, Now it's nap time before an afternoon swim in the pool. Amelia loves the water now she even stands on the edge and jumps in the water so I can catch her. The one thing I am going to miss here is the pool.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

more pictures

Amelia finally had a good night sleep last night. I think she is starting to feel a lot more settled and comfortable. She will play a little more on her own in he apartment and is smiling and laughing and being her goofy self again. This morning she walked over to me and gave me lots of sticky kisses on the cheek and then laughed. We took her shopping today to get her some traditional Vietnamese outfits and gifts to give her as she grows up as well as some paintings for her room. Now it's nap time and then down for a swim in the pool. At first she wasn't sure of the water but now she can't get enough.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Went to the foreign affairs office and to apply for Amelias Vietnamese passport today and spent the afternoon getting some paperwork done so we can hopefully come home soon. Took Amelia swimming, she loves the water, laughing and giggling as she splashes around. Now she is fast asleep on me for her afternoon nap. She is Pretty goodwitnher naps, if only we could get her to sleep through the night. Found out today that at the orphanage they give then bottles throughout the night while they are sleeping which might be why she thinks she needs to get up to get ever 3-4 hours for a bottle.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pictures coming soon, I can't attach them with the IPad but have sent some out to be added by Evan. Got Amelia's passport pictures done today and took her to see Dr Johnathon, He didn't have any concerns.. Also did a little shopping before heading back to the hotel for lunch and swim time. Amelia is really adjusting well. She is really very funny and outgoing when it's the two of us but more shy when my parents are around, she is laughing and running and starting to let me put her down to do stuff around the apartment while she plays with her toys as long as it is just the two of us. She is really warming up to her grandma and grandpa too. She is eating better now if we could just get her sleeping better. I am sure it will be an adjustment when we go back to Canada but I think she will settle in quickly. She is a very smart girl. Bought some Vietnamese music and DVDs for her and she loves them. I think she finds comfort in heraring her language. I tried to repeat some to her but she just laughed at me. Tomorrow is another day to just relax at the pool, Monday we start all the paperwork so we can finally come home. Missing home a lot and can't wait to see everyone. Sad to be missing Scarlett's first birthday party.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Its official

Today we had the giving and receiving ceremony, she is officially my daughter. We both had a tough day, I woke up sick and so the heat and boat ride were a little tough and Amelia hasn't been feeling 100% either although she was much more smiles today. Starting to see her personality come through, she is a joker with a slight temper when she doesn't get her way. Overall she is a huge sweetheart and a big mommy suck and she LOVES puppies! She points out ever puppy she sees.
So happy to be back in Ho Chi Minh City. Comfort again at our little oasis in the city. I can now post pictures. I am exhausted and finally have Amelia asleep in her crib so maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Woke up really sick today. Thank goodness for grandparents who can help out. Trying to get some rest before our giving and recieving ceremony at 3 and then the long boat ride back to HCM city. Will be glad to get back there but not sure if I am up to the travel.
No ceremony today, hopefully tomorrow so I can get passport/citizenship started before the weekend, Nghi is very clingy and will not let me put her down. I should have big muscles by the time I get home. Yesterday we took her to a near by hotel where we could take her swimming and for a walk on the beach. It was great to get away and spent somd time at a beautiful resort. She looked so cute in her sunhat and bathing suit.
Had to take Nghi to see the nurse today as she was had an upset stomach. Got some new formula and medicine so hopefully she will feel better. She kept waking up all night. This is a big change for her. Day by day she is getting better although it's still pretty hard to get a smile out of her.. It will come in time.

Hotmail isnt working and no facebook. Tried to wish Melissa a belated birthday but can't send a message. Internet will be better tomorrow in HCMC.

Sorry about the typos typing with a baby asleep on me and watching Vietnamese soaps, lol

Monday, July 11, 2011

Nghi had a better night last night but the day time is difficult. We are still in Vung Tau waiting for our ceremony date. Praying for tomorrow as we are all eager to get back to Ho Chi Minh City. It is too hot to go out and she is very bored in the hotel. She is use to constant craziness. She won't let me put her down to play but will let grandma and grandpa carry her for walks which is a big help. She is just napping so I thought I would try to post. Gonna try to get some sleep now.
Yesterday was a great day, she seemed to warm up to my mom and I both so we could take turns with carrying her in this heat. We had trouble getting her to sleep last night and this morning it seems she will only let me hold her. We had to go back to the orphaning this morning and she only wanted the nannies, This must be a very hard time for her, the transition from the orphanage to 3 strangers. She loves bubbles and watermelon. I didn't bring many toys to Vung Tau so I think she is kinda bored in the hotel compared to the craziness in the orphanage. It has been emotionally and physically draining on all of us. Looking forward to getting back to Ho Chi Minh city where we will have a pool and I really can't wait to get back home to finally settle in. Thanks for all the thoughts and prays, they are truly appreciated.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

We arrived yesterday in Vung Tau and finally got to see Nghi (pronounced knee). We were told ahead of time that she is very she and doesn't like strangers but My prayers have been answered and God prepared her because the came right to me and snuggled in. She wouldnt look at me while I was holding her but fell asleep in my arms. The nannies were shocked.

This morning after an interesting Vietnamese style breakfast we headed back to the orphanage. I didn't know how she would react but again she came to me and we were able to take her out the play. She was laughing and smiling and when my mom takes her she is always looking for me, which is a great sign. The director of the orphanage is very pleased with the bonding and tomorrow we should be able to bring her back to the hotel to stay with us. it's as though she was waiting for me.

It is very hot here and I am finding it hard to carrier her in this heat.

Internet is on and off, hope this goes through. I am unable to post pictures until after the G&R ceremony but if anyone with and IPad (Aaron or Evan) can maybe give me some help on how to post pictures on here and I cant seem to attach pictures to my email either.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The day I have been waiting for

Finally got some sleep last night. Today we are checking out at 1:30 and taking the boat to Vung Tau. We should be at the orphanage around 4:30 where I will get to see where my daughter spent her first year. I am told she is very shy so I will be visiting with her in the orphanage everyday so she can get use to me until we have the G&R ceremony then she will be with me. It should make the transition alittle less traumatic for her. After dreaming about this day since I was like 7 years old it is finally here. I can't believe it. So many emotions running thru me right now.

Vung Tau Tomorrow

My dossier has been released from the department of adoption yesterday and should be in Vung Tau today. We are leaving Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow and heading to the coast to Vung Tau. I should be meeting Amelia Nghi later tomorrow afternoon. Still jet lagged and feeling excited and nervous about becoming a mom. Next step is the giving and recieving ceremony when she will officially be my daughter. Pray that this happens early next week. There are also slow downs in Singapore with getting paperwork through. Another mom is being held up from leaving with her son, pray that our paperwork will get through quickly for both of us.

So tired

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Morning Vietnam

We are here!!! It's about 5:30 am and I am lying awake listening to the busy horns in the streets. I completely underestimated the heat and it was 11pm once we finally got out of the airport so I haven't even felt the mid afternoon heat yet. Feeling like you're in the shower with your clothes on is a pretty good description! Very hard to breath and very sticky! Loan met us at the airport, she is meeting us this morning to go over plans. It seems that my dossier was not released on Monday like I thought so my paperwork is still in the capital. My dossier has been approved but still needs to be signed and then sent to Vung Tau were the orphanage is to be approved before a giving and receiving ceremony can take place.(still a long process) I am a little disappointed to hear things aren't as far along as I thought. I will be leaving either Friday afternoon or Saturday for Vung Tau to meet Amelia in the orphanage. Apparently she cries whenever strangers come so I will be spending my time at the orphanage waiting for the paperwork and getting to know this little girl so the transition will be as easy as possible for her.
Internet is very slow an d unpredictable and I still can't figure out how to add pictures on here with the IPad. tech support is needed!

Please pray that paperwork moves through quickly and that God would prepare both Amelia Nghi and I for the transition that is about to take place and for the health of my family while we are away. It is very overwhelming but through Him it's possible.

South Korea

One flight down, one more to go. We followed the sun so it has been day time since I woke up in Peterborough at 5:00am Tues morning and it is now 3:30am Wed morning. I still can't believe I will see Amelia in a few days. It still feels surreal.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting packed

After 9 months of waiting to meet Nghi and feeling like time was standing still suddenly time is flying by. There is not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Car seat installed, baby proofing done, bags almost packed, house is a mess and nerves are setting in. I can't wait to meet my baby girl, just wish I could bypass the long flight and time away from home.

Found out this morning that my dossier wasn't released by the department of adoption on Thursday as hoped. Praying that it get released before I get there and that the giving and receiving ceremony can soon follow.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tickets are in hand

Flight is booked. Leaving Tuesday July 05,2011. It finally hit me when I printed off an eticket for Miss Nghi To/Van to fly from Ho Chi Minh to Toronto. She is finally going to be coming home. this time next week I will finally meet the little girl in the pictures, the little girl in my dreams, the little girl I have been calling my daughter.